Use Fake Email to Protect Your Personal Information in Cyber ​​Attacks: 4 Reasons to Use Fake Email!

Due to the increasing number of cyber attacks, it has become possible for your data to be stolen and used for commercial purposes. Moreover, hackers could access all data in the database from January 3, 2022, to July 2022. The same thing happened to Neopet in July 2022, and this leak harmed approximately 69 million users. In total, up to 460 MB of source code was stolen by hackers.

It became clear that hackers stole Neopet's data when they tried to sell this data for bitcoin. The stolen data included users' names, email addresses, IP addresses, birth dates, genders, and even hashed passwords.

So what can you do to protect your personal data from such a leak? You can use temp email! With Temp mail, you can hide your email address from hackers and secure your personal data even a little bit.

Why Should You Use Fake Mail?

Email generators help you generate fake mail and temporary mail. You can use the emails you get from these websites as you wish; there will be no obstacles in front of you. These disposable email addresses can even receive emails like a regular email addresses. Here's why you should use fake mail:

  • You can use fake emails, as many websites require an email address for activities, and giving an exact address can be dangerous. When you use fake emails, you don't have to use your actual email address for online activities. Some websites may withhold your email address to sell your data or share it with third parties. In this case, you hide your real email address using a disposable one.
  • It may only sometimes be the right decision to share an email address you use in your daily life or business life with people you do not know. However, you need an email address when registering on anonymous forums, dating sites, or other websites. By using fake mail, it is possible to hide your original email address.
  • You give everyone an email address, and every website can be filled with spam as much as you want. Dealing with too much spam can make it difficult for you to do your job and even take a toll on your mental and physical health. When you use temporary email addresses for websites you see as suspicious, you will be protected from spam.
  • Even if you filter out spam from your original email address, it will be complicated to control your mailbox when you use a single email address for everything. A typical email address will receive 126 emails per day. So it will also be difficult for you to review all your messages daily and get a full read inbox. You can keep your inbox organized using a disposable email address for unimportant websites.

We can allow you to create an email account from scratch for free, and these email accounts disappear after a certain period. During that time, it is possible to activate the website registration. There are no fees or hidden costs for our service.